InShortViral: In September 2015, Apple launched an application Move to iOS which is a switch to iOS from Android, which seems to have paid off.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]esterday the rumor spreads that according to a report in The Telegraph newspaper, Apple could be working on a new tool to facilitate the transfer of users from iOS to Android, like its “Move to iOS” in Google Play Store Vise-Versa.

Citing a “Industry Source,” the source said that Apple had approved the development of the tool, under pressure from mobile operators in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia which have submitted complaints because users rarely iPhone ever decide move to a new platform as Android, and partly the reason for this is that there is no easy way to export your data from the iOS operating system to Android OS.

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Apple Denies The Tool “Move To Android” in Its Apple App Store

Telephone said that this lack of versatility weakens their position when negotiating with Apple. However, Apple has denied these rumors categorically. Apple has denied rumors that the company has agreed to make a tool for iOS users who want to migrate to Android platform, they can easily move their data correspondingly as required. The refusal of Apple has come in the form of a statement issued on BuzzFeed.

This is what a representative of Apple said to deny the previous article in The Telegraph:

Trudy Muller said in the statement.

“There is no truth to this rumor, We are currently focused exclusively on users of Android will pass iPhone, and we’re doing so great with the report we have.”

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The article in The Telegraph had suggested that Apple was building a tool to help users could switch from iOS to Android because the pressure on the phone company from the European Union. Apple has denied all these claims and he has said it will continue to support and assist Android users who want to move to iOS, but not vice versa.

In September, Apple launched an application Move to iOS which is a switch to iOS from Android, which seems to have paid off, and there seems no reason why the company decided to start making an application for change of iOS to Android, the least not yet.