Apple unveiled the new and more powerful MacBook pro and it had killed many things. However, do you know Apple had also killed the iconic glowing Apple logo from MacBook pro?

Apple Silently Killed The Glowing Apple Logo From MacBook Pro

As we all know Apple revealed its sleek new line of MacBook Pros on Thursday and we all are aware that Apple had killed many things in their lineup. However, do you know Apple had also killed one of the most iconic things in Apple’s new Macbook Pro?

The key feature of Apple’s new Macbook Pro was the spectacular new TouchBar which is actually a retina display placed above the keyboard that can perform various tasks. However, the one thing that almost all users failed to notice that Apple silently replaced the iconic illuminated Apple logo that has long lived on the computer’s lid.

When Apple took the wraps off the new 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pros it was quite clear that the most iconic glowing symbol was dead and being replaced by a non-glowing, shiny Apple logo. The new shiny logo looks beautiful. However, if you are Apple fanboy then you will hate the new change.

Apple’s iconic glowing logo was used as a sense of brand loyalty in users in many ways. This logo is what makes Apple’s MacBook different from other notebooks and you can easily spot Apple product among all others. However, it was gone and a company is in no mood to bring it back.

However, there is a good news too! The new MacBook won’t consume the extra battery that is consumed by Apple’s glowing logo. Microsoft recently said that it is paying Macbook users $650 who exchange their MacBook with Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface book.