Apple has finally started the manufacturing process of the iPhone 13 in India at the Chennai Plant. iPhone 13 Series was announced last year in September, and now the company announced that it will be manufactured in India.

iPhone 13 was launched at a starting price of Rs. 79,900 in India. However, the Pro models will not be manufactured in the country.

Last year in December, the company started the trial production in India. After almost four months, the manufacturing process officially started.

iPhone 13 Is Now Made In India Smartphones

Apple Starts Manufacturing iPhone 13 in India At Chennai Plant

The trial production began at the company’s manufacturing partner Foxconn. It will join the iPhone 11 and 12, which are currently manufactured in India.

Apple shared a statement with IANS, “We are excited to begin making iPhone 13 — with its beautiful design, advanced camera systems for stunning photos and videos, and the incredible performance of the A15 Bionic chip — right here in India for our local customers.”

The Cupertino company has contracted Foxconn and Wistron, the manufacturing partners that collect the company’s smartphones in India. Their plants are located in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The people familiar with the matter report that the iPhone 13 production started at the Foxconn plant in Chennai.

Already Apple is manufacturing iPhone 11 and 12 at the same Foxconn facility. And the iPhone SE and 12 are assembled at the Wistron facility in India. This is the first time iPhone 13 series is available in India as well as in the US and other markets.

Manufacturing the smartphones helps to cut the little price as we don’t need to pay the taxes on imported units. However, it’s unclear whether the price of smartphones will be reduced in India or not.

Recently, Apple has increased the prices of accessories like AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Max in the country due to the charges of import duties being increased.

It was reported that last year, Apple was one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in India as the shipments grew by 108% with 5 million units.



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