Apple Patents Foldable iPhone With Flexible Display
Apple Patents Foldable iPhone With Flexible Display

Did you know that the company led by Tim Cook is well known as Apple has registered a patent for a foldable iPhone with the flexible display that can clip onto clothing. The company has for years been actively studying a hinged iPhone format, with designs calling for a flexible metal-backed OLED display capable of being folded in half.

Apple Patents Foldable iPhone With Flexible Display

The tech giant Apple is one of the pioneering companies in the segment of smartphones. Their phones have been the source of inspiration for the designs of their competitors and have set the standard of in regard to benefits.

Apple was the first to launch a mobile phone with touch screen back in 2007, a revolution then, but it is noteworthy that the tech giant Apple has patented the design of what looks like a “foldable iPhone”, a style of device that looked dated.


It is curious that the tech giant Apple patent the design of a folding device iPhone. The pictures posted on the website known as AppleInsider a device that folds in the center and has an inlet at the bottom and two buttons on the top of the right frame appears. These two features are very similar to the volume buttons and input Lightning carrying the iPhone, more than enough to think about a new version of the bitten apple device motifs.


The patent also recorded other sketches and ideas of a device that can grow up twice. According to the drawings, the device has three sections that fold together in 180 degrees simply to protect the alleged flexible display. A current display does not withstand these conditions unless a stronger material that allows the passage of electricity as graphene is used.


The iPhone has lost much prominence in July after its release and already speculation of what the next device of the American firm may appear. These new patents of a folding device can be of any new device, as we told earlier.


On the other hand, these designs are far from the predictions that many analysts have about the future device. In late September Chi Kuo Ming, KAGI Securities analyst, said that the next iPhone would be made of glass which could the iPhone 8 and also added that it would be wrong to revise the device to mark the tenth anniversary of its launch.

But, in early October it was said that the tech giant Apple and Sharp were in the process of an agreement to build a mobile without frames on the screen, yes, it means Bezel-Free smartphone. However, much remains to know the official features of the iPhone 8, a phone that at the moment we can only dream of.