Apple killed almost every useful thing from their new and more powerful Macbook Pro as you might me familiar that Apple has also eliminated the glowing Apple Logo. Do you know? Apple had also removed another iconic feature that existed since 1984.

Apple Just Removed Another Feature That’s Existed Since 1984

We have seen in the recent time that Apple unveiled the new and more powerful MacBook Pro and it had killed many things. They had replaced USB ports, MagSafe, Apple’s iconic glowing logo with a TouchBar.

However, after killing all those important things, Apple had also killed off one of its most iconic features that are Apple’s Startup Chime. Apple’s had decided to remove the distinctive nose that Mac Computer makes when they boot up.

The new MacBook Pros lack the iconic Mac chime when booting up. The change was first spotted by which tested one of the new Macbook and confirmed that the iconic Mac startup chime is no more there.

The startup chime was been there from 1984 when they revealed the first Super bowl commercial. However, the Mac startup sound has been changed and evolved over the year, but it always shows the same thing :Your computer is ready for you.

Pingie first noticed that the Mac’s Startup Chime was gone while browsing through some tech notes for Apple’s new Macbook pro. The noticed that one key instruction was missing from the process of resetting the NVRAM:

“Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys immediately after you turn on your Mac.

Hold these keys down for at least 20 seconds to ensure that your Mac completes the process correctly.”

The new Macbook Pro no more directs the user to listen for two startup chimes. 9to5Mac also confirmed the story. The new Macbook Pro actually automatically turn on when opened. The possible reason behind eliminating the startup sound is to prevent an interruption.