We all know very well that in recent days, the tech giant Apple has been at the center of events in the technological world. And earlier US senator asked the tech giant Apple for privacy guarantees around Face ID data about which now the tech giant Apple replied US Senator: “There is no need to fear Face ID”.

Apple To US Senator: There Is No Need To Fear Face ID

Last month, shortly after the release of the Apple iPhone X, the US government was intrigued by the new technology used to unlock the new iPhone. The United States Senator Al Franken sent a letter to the tech giant Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook where he put a series of privacy and security issues for Face ID.

About a month later, the tech giant Apple sent a letter to the United States Senator, where the tech giant Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook answered all his questions. Come to know all the details.

Apple and Face ID Privacy

The tech giant Apple has always had a strong position in defending the privacy and safety of users of the company’s products. Incidentally, last year the company’s CEO was involved in a heated controversy with the FBI, as he refused the US government’s request to help unlock the iPhone from one of the gunmen involved in the San Bernardino bombing.

Still, in the letter sent to Tim Cook, questioning how Face ID works and the capabilities of the TrueDepth camera, the US Senator also wanted to understand how the issue of user privacy is handled, since on many occasions it turned out that some technology companies were collecting data from their users that they should not have access to.

In the response given to Senator Franken, the tech giant Apple made it clear that Face ID only works if it detects that the user is indeed looking at the device. After this verification, about 30,000 points are projected onto the user’s face, which after being read are sent to the Secure Enclave, a co-processor that the tech giant Apple put on the iPhone X to do the processing and analysis of the data collected by Face ID.

In addition, the data set collected by the facial recognition system is encrypted, never leaves the data in iPhone, nor it is backed up. Thus, the tech giant Apple never has access to the information in the Secure Enclave; not even the version that is encrypted. Even mathematical calculations that make user recognition possible are erased after the iPhone X unlock process is complete.

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