We all know about the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung, but American court on Friday handed tech giant Apple an unexpected victory in one of its battles with rival South Korean Company Samsung, now the South Korean company is obliged to pay a total of $120 million to the Cupertino company Apple for patent infringement.

Apple Scored A Win Over Samsung In Ongoing Patent Battle

An American court gave unexpected reason to tech giant Apple in a patent dispute process. At issue are the patent associated with the slide-to-unlock feature and also the automatic correction, as well as the function that lets you change information, such as address or phone number, links, according to the court, they were violated by the South Korean Smartphone Manufacturer Samsung.

With this decision, the South Korean company is obliged to pay a total of $120 million to the Cupertino company Apple.

With eight votes in favour and three against, Apple wins an unexpected battle against the tech giant Samsung under a case involving a patent dispute. This decision comes just days before the big battle fought between the companies in the Supreme Court.

This new decision repealing the previous opinion given by three judges of the same court had ruled in favour of Samsung.

The judges said that Apple was entitled to more than $98 million in damages, this because Samsung violated the patent that allows transform information into links (eg. Telephone number detected immediately be transformed into the link and thus facilitate their use).

In the other two patents (slide-to-unlock and also the automatic correction) Samsung’s arguments did not convince the judges who said that there were “substantial evidence” of copies by Samsung. The amount payable by Samsung to rival Apple for infringement of two patents is $18 million.

This case is only a part of the battle involving Apple and Samsung. On Tuesday, October 11, the Supreme Court will assess the damage caused by Samsung to Apple and decide the value that the South Korean company will have to pay to Apple.

Recalled that at the beginning of the process Apple claimed Samsung to pay US $399 million for patent infringement, a value that the South Korean company refuses to pay, claiming that consumers benefit left.

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