Popular Antivirus developer Avira just launched a new Online Security Bundle for 2017. The Security Suite comes up with many advanced features and the best part is it is totally free!!

Avira Launches New “Free Security Suite”: Here’s How To Get It

Avira, which is known for its Antivirus Program for Windows. It is also known for its free services, Avira very often releases useful services regarding safety and security and most of them are available for free. Recently, Avira released a new product which is known as Avira Free Security Suite 2017.

The first thing that might hit your head was how the new product differs from its free Antivirus? Actually, Avira had just launched a classic product even non-Avira customers will love. The new Security suite is a software bundle packed up with some useful features.

The Security Suite includes browser safety, VPN Tools, System Speedup facilities and the updated edition of its Antivirus software. Usually, these all tools are available in another antivirus. However, they charge you for this and Avira will not charge a single penny for all these tools.

The free Security Suite has the free edition of Phantom VPN which gives you 500MB of data transfer per month, which is enough if you use the internet for shopping, banking etc. However, it is nowhere near enough for everyday browsing and downloading.

The free security suite also comes up with System optimizer software which can diagnose issues which cause your computer to perform slowly and unresponsive. You can easily use this free software to clean up RAM and improve the overall performance of your PC.

With Free Security Suite, you’ll not only benefit from the latest additions to our 2017 portfolio, you’ll be the first to get new security components and services – for free – as soon as they launch. If you were looking for a convenient way to grab several maintenance tools along with security then Avira Free Security suite would be the best choice. You can get the free security Suite from here.