BackBox Linux 4.5 OS comes with new installed hacking tools
BackBox Linux 4.5 OS comes with new installed hacking tools

Linux has released the BackBox 4.5 operating system and pre-installed new hacking tools.

Developers of the BackBox Linux OS have released BackBox Linux 4.5 Version, which assures a new kernel and many updated collections. This OS is now available for download.

BackBox Linux 4.5 OS Comes With New Installed Hacking Tools

BackBox Linux 4.5 comes with pre-installed Linux Kernel 4.2 and special tools like “Automotive Analysis and OpenVas, which assures a significant difference in the system’s overall performance, according to Release Notes.

During its announcement, the company said, “In this release, we have some special new features to keep BackBox up to date with the latest developments in the security world. Tools such as OpenVAS and Automotive Analysis will make a big difference. BackBox 4.5 also comes with Kernel 4.2”.

Among other fascinating things added in BackBox Linux 4.5 is the support for this OS, Anonymous Mode, Bugs reported in earlier releases, and upstream components updates.

Finally, there are new hacking tools pre-installed in BackBox 4.5; many of them are updated to the latest versions, of which few are wpscan, hashcat, knockpy, Nmap, guy manager, proxy, binwalk, set, phisihing-frenzy, sqlmap, can-utils, and apktool.

To Download BackBox Linux 4.5 OS, click here.

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