It doesn’t matter whether you are a great photographer or on tour; all your work could be wasted if there’s no proper backup plan available.

Every tech device can fail, no matter how much pricey it is. The same goes for smartphones as well; the photos you click can vanish in no time.

So, it’s always best to back up photos on the go. And there is not one, but many different ways to back up photos while traveling without a computer.

Backup Photos while Traveling without a Computer

This article will share some of the best ways to back up photos while traveling without a computer. Let’s get started.

1. Eye-Fi Pro

Eye-Fi Pro

This is the name given to the type SDHC data storage card with WiFi connectivity built-in. With this, you can easily share your photos and pics to the computer via direct wireless transfer through the network connection.

This could be easily used to transfer the images to tablets, smartphones, computers, or any other device that supports the network connection.

2. Western Digital MyPassport Wireless

Western Digital MyPassport Wireless

This is a wireless hard disk with some amazing features like wireless connection support, a built-in battery, support for the card slot, etc. Now for the photographers, they can easily connect their storage card to this hard drive and therefore transfer all their data.

3. Portable Storage Devices

Portable Storage Devices

Portable hard disk drives, or SSDs, are becoming more affordable than ever. The good thing is that portable storage devices can now connect with your phone and camera.

So, if you don’t have a laptop with you, you can connect these portable storage devices to your phone, tablet, camera, etc., and transfer the photos you don’t want to lose. You can also transfer your videos, files, etc., for backup purposes.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

You need to consider cloud storage services if you want a smarter way to manage your photos. Cloud storage services are slowly replacing the need for Portable HDD/SSD.

Today, many free cloud storage services are available that provide you with limited storage space. You can use that space to back up the photos you don’t want to lose.

So, these are the best ways to back up photos while traveling without a computer. If you want to share your preferred way to backup photos & videos while on the go, let us know in the comments below.