Be Like Bill Facebook Meme Generator May Put Your Account at Risk

Social Media, especially Facebook, is abuzz with the meme “Be Like Bill”. Although many people make memes for fun, they don’t know the security risks caused by these apps.

We frequently see on our Facebook news feeds that many of our friends share memes like “Be like Bill” or others. As we all know, to make a similar memes, the meme generators require permission from our account, and when we grant licenses, we can quickly create memes. If you or your friend is using this meme, it is advised to remove this malicious meme (Be Like Bill); otherwise, your account may have a high risk of getting hacked.

Be Like Bill Facebook Meme Generator May Put Your Account at Risk

Security Experts have warned people who make memes on the Internet. Be Like Bill app made headlines regarding security concerns. People are seen creating memes, but some applications make affect your account.

Memes flourished on the Internet. A Vietnam Based meme generator is viral on Social Media. People are seen sharing their memes from Boba, but very few know that this online application was also found risky for privacy breaches.

When this website got acceptance by the users, it instantly changed its privacy terms to the public.

“You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover.”

According to the report from USA Today,  US BBB, abbreviated as Better Business Bureau, answered immediately and started investigating the application’s practices. Initially, users using the site were only asked to enter their name and gender, but the website gradually agreed to remove that specific term from its privacy regulations.

Security Experts have urged users to be vigilant if any meme generator app demands their details. Although, the problem is not resolved on Blobla’s online application.

How to Remove Applications from Your Facebook Account?

So, to protect your account from hacking or other security reasons, you must remove the apps you think or know may put your account at risk, e.g., games or meme generators. Follow some simple steps mentioned below to remove the apps associated with your Facebook account.

  1. Click on the ^ (Caret Down) icon on the top right corner of Facebook and choose Settings.
  2. Click on the Apps in the left menu list.
  3. Now see a list of apps you have installed and select any app you wish to remove.

Your app will be removed instantly. You must also avoid downloading software or mobile apps based on these meme generators because the installer might be potentially loaded with adware, Trojans, PUPS, or other threats.

So, this is all about the privacy breach caused by third-party apps on Facebook. You can quickly get rid of these apps by removing them permanently from your Facebook account. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and keep them aware of this privacy breach caused by certain third-party apps.