InShortViral: Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, published on his personal blog the traditional list of the most important events of the year in his opinion.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, published on his personal blog the traditional list of the most important events of the year in his opinion, Gates believes that 2015 was beneficial and brought advances in many areas.

Gates says that bad news also occurred over the native human beings events such as terrorist attacks and wars end up darkening the image of what is being done in the world. He cites the work done on global cooperation on climate change and energy as an exception to the rule of negative news. He said it was difficult to gather a few stories among many highlights, check the Achivements below.

According To Bill Gates, This Six Achievements in 2015 is Fabulous

1. Africa no reported cases of polio

On July 24, Nigeria hit the milestone of one year without registering new cases of polio. The country was the last of Africa to stop the wild spread of the disease, which some experts believed would never come. Combining a team mapping, volunteers and supply of vaccines, Nigeria showed that smart strategies work even in very difficult conditions.

2. Neil Tyson defended the science impressively

Neil de Grasse Tyson astrophysicist received in April the most prestigious award of the National Academy of Science. Gates says Tyson appears on your list, not the prize itself, but the speech on that day he made, according to the executive, was the best argument I’ve ever heard about ensuring that science plays a key role in policy formulation. The speech watchable below! Click.

3. Nobel Medicine researchers for fighting diseases of the disadvantaged

The Nobel Prize this year was awarded to three researchers responsible for developing necessary tools to combat an economically disadvantaged disease. Researchers William C. Campbell, the US, and Satoshi Omura, Japan, took the prize for the preparation of Ivermectin, a drug that is effective in treating a wide range of diseases caused by parasitic worms. Besides Tu Youyou, China, which developed artemisinin, which operates in the treatment of malaria.

4. Preparation for free scans in the US

The creator of the SAT together with the Khan Academy has launched a portal of free online learning for all students who are preparing for the SAT or PSAT. Gates cites that the measure is essential to meet students who do not have conditions to pay for classes or other tests. SAT Test Prep is now free for all.

5. Mobile banking

Gates believes that the development of banking services for the mobile platform was one of the tools that helped people out of poverty by providing financial services and allowing everyone to participate in the economy. A study by the Brookings Institute showed that a number of countries, including Africa, France, and Brazil, are making national commitments to financial inclusion and helping the mobile banking to reach the majority of the population.

6. Rubella Virus eliminated in the America

In April this year, the American authorities declared the area as the first in the world to eliminate endemic rubella after 15 years of vaccination efforts. The developed campaign delivered more than 100 thousand children from contracting rubella syndrome.