Initially, we all know that BitTorrent Live started out as being available only for the iOS and Fire TV, but, now it’s finally coming to Android as well.

BitTorrent Brings Its Free Live TV Streaming App To Android

Recently, BitTorrent has launched a streaming service for live TV channels. BitTorrent Live started out as being available for iOS and Fire TV, and now it’s finally coming to Android. But it may be for a short time.

BitTorrent Live is the latest live TV channel broadcasting service based on the peer-to-peer broadcast system, meaning that the quality of service will depend on the number of users, and will also be more stable than Others offering the same kind of service. Broadcast programming includes news, sports, and cultural content.

The application could already be found for iOS, Apple TV, Fire TV, a beta for Mac and now finally it has come to Android. Thanks to the service appraisals that have come up, this Android version still needs some improvements, namely, interface and support for Chromecast.

Despite this progress, the entry into the world of Android and the guarantee by the company that was focused on the medium space, there are those who call into question the future of this project. According to Engadget, the company is also going through some problems with one of its CEOs, involved in the project BitTorrent Now, having been away from the company for any service problems.

However, the application for Android is not yet available in many places, which does not allow the users of those places to download the app from the Play Store.


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