Block Tweets Containing Certain Words
Block Tweets Containing Certain Words

Now you can Block Tweets Containing Certain Words using the inbuilt settings of twitter app that will not allow the tweets to be displayed on your screen containing particular words that you will mention. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou are working on the Twitter, one of the unique form of social media connecting the whole world. The people are able to share the words, attachments etc to show their status or express anything. This is a good way that through this social platform the people could connect to anyone and you being a user will also be able to see so many types of tweets over the device. But apart from the flexibility to get tweets from anyone and of any type, you would definitely be liking to block some of those tweets containing certain words. We won’t be queuing the whole number of reasons for why you will wish to block the certain tweets with the type of words. Only things are that this could be possibly required or needed by the users, and is there any way to get it done. Yes, it is possible to get the preferences on your twitter accounts as to block the tweets containing certain words. Here in this article, we have written about the method to block the tweets on your device that are containing certain words which you don’t wish to view. So this must be more than enough for the introduction, you could start to read the main section of this article right now. So let’s get started with that, do check the post until the end!

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How to Block Tweets Containing Certain Words

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Block Tweets Containing Certain Words:

#1 Open the Twitter app on your device and then from there reach to the app’s Notification settings. This is really easy to do, simply tap on the tab with the bell icon located on the top of your screen and then on the gear icon. This should take you to the page where all of the app notifications and tweets related settings or the preferences would be placed.

#2 Go to the Muted Words section of the settings through the page you had reached in the above step. This is quoted as a particular option over the screen there so there would be no issues finding this up. As the name of the option is already suggesting this is all about making the Muted words selection for the tweets you tend to get.

Block Tweets Containing Certain Words
Block Tweets Containing Certain Words

#3 Inside the Muted Words page you have the options to add the certain keywords or the words which you wish to remove from the twitter feed. Simply tap on the plus icon placed on the settings screen there on the same page and then add the keywords or the words that you do not wish to see on the twitter feed. You could add a number of keywords to the list that would be all regarding the names, hashtags or any other words.

#4 Simple and quick the changes would take effect soon after the settings or the selection for the Muted Words. This is all the reversible process and you have the ability to make up the changes to the added keywords for the filtration or removal from the twitter feed.

Block Tweets Containing Certain Words
Block Tweets Containing Certain Words

#5 The changes will be applicable to the app users while this feature might also be set in the browser twitter service too. Please check for the function and let us know how useful it is in reality.

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Go now and start to block the tweets on your timeline which are containing some of the certain words which you don’t wish to see over. This is the simple process and hopefully, you might have also got about it completely through the above information in this post. Our motive was to provide you with the proper direction and the way for getting the work done of making you learn about blocking certain tweets. This is going to be the end of this post right now but the real discussion for the same have to take place that is all of your conversations, opinions as well as suggestions regarding this feature for the tweeter. Let’s carry on to the comments box and write about the post, also like this post and share it over with the others.