Soon After Releasing the Version 53 of its Chrome browser. Google released Chrome beta for Android users (version 54) for Android users. It can play background video even after switching screens or accessing other apps.

Google Chrome Beta 54 Lets You Play YouTube Videos In Background

Google Chrome has an exciting feature for the Android users which simply allows users to play Youtube videos in Background. A few days ago Google released version 53 of its Chrome browser which is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Google had also released the Chrome Beta for Android users version 54.

Google had introduced the various useful update to its newly released Chrome Beta with version 54. The popular and most catchy features are redesigned new tab page and Background video playback. Therefore, now you can play videos from web pages in the background.

Let’s explain it in more details. While using Chrome beta 54, if you are playing any video on any web page and if you leave Google chrome then you will see a notification of a video bar in your Android’s notification panel. You simply need to tap on “Play” button if you want to play video while doing other stuff on your Android device.

The best part of this new feature is the video playback even works on YouTube which is more than useful. However, playing videos in a background is only available to users who have paid subscription service called the YouTube Red. So there are chances that Google might remove the background Youtube video playback feature from the final version of Chrome beta 54.

Users can install Chrome Beta alongside your current version of Chrome for Android. Chrome Beta will request additional permissions when using Chrome Sync for the first time. Users can preview all the latest features.

If anyone wants to try the new Google Chrome Beta 54 can download it from here. But before you download to keep in mind that the new app is still making some changes to the browser in order to make it more user-friendly. Therefore you may suspect some bugs.

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