InShortViral: Convert your non touch laptop into touch laptop using a cool tech tool that is Airbar

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f your get bored from your old laptop or feeling complex by watching touchscreen laptops around you , then don’t worry as now you can change your Non touch screen laptop into touch screen laptop. Yes its not a joke as its now possible with Airbar the advance technology that converts your hand actions to the computer commands and using this a laptop can be converted into a touchscreen, Recently this technology is released worldwide which is a revolutionary change in the future of technology. Airbar is a type of rectangular stick that gets embed to the bottom of screen and senses your hand actions on screen and then do the working by commanding to the PC using wire connected to USB port of the PC. So have a look on complete discussion below.

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How to Convert Non-touch Laptop Into Touchscreen Laptop

The thing the only you will need is the Airbar that will be converting your laptop into a touchscreen. And the things you should know about this tech tool is listed below, so have a look on it.

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Working Of the Airbag

AirBar projects an invisible light field all over your screen. When your finger, pen or brush breaks the light, you interact with the screen without actually touching it. And this light senses the hand actions and then transmits via the cable that directly connected to USB port of laptop.Airbar2

Cool Things About Airbar:

  • With this you can use your Windows gestures too that are pre-defined in the Windows 8 & Windows 10 as all will be working using this Airbar.
  • With this Airbar there will be no battery drain and your PC will operate on the same power consumption as it was originally consuming.
  • The Airbag can be easily embed to your laptop by just placing the Airbar stick Right at bottom of the screen and then plugging the USB cable in USB port of your Laptop.
  • Not only in Windows, this Airbar stick can also be used on Mac too.
  • Touchscreen will work perfectly with everything including your hand skin, gloves, chopsticks and anything you want.Airbar

Price And Availability

This tool is coming up on January 2016 and you can pre-order it if you want to get it. As with limited stock its availability will also limited so start ordering now to get it.

Cost :- 49$ (as mentioned on its official site)

Pre-Order : Order it at Airbar Official SiteAirbar3

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So this was all about How to convert your non-touch laptop into touchscreen laptop. Using this tool you can convert any of your boring non-touchscreen laptop into a touchscreen laptop and that too at the reasonable price of 49$. So go for it and have a change. If you like this stuff then share with others too. And Leave a comment if you any other related queries regarding this