The Internet is much more than a work tool or entertainment, as it is a gateway to knowledge and sharing both information which we want to know. But the Internet speed is not equal in many countries, so, today we will show you the list of countries having the fastest internet connections.

10+ Countries With The World’s Fastest Internet Speeds

As we all know that the Internet is today considered as an essential part of our life. The Internet is much more than a work tool or entertainment, as it is a gateway to knowledge and sharing both information which we want to know, but, the Internet is not equal in many countries regarding the connection speed.

The Akamai Technologies, a company related to the Internet and content sharing, it studied the Internet access speeds of each country and created a ranking of the countries with the faster internet access.

Hence, its study found that the average speed of Internet access on the planet is 6.3 Mbps, which is very low compared to the countries at the top of this list. Let us know the top 10+ countries with the fastest Internet access.

1. Belgium

Belgium has the much-improved infrastructure of the internet. If you are a citizen of Belgium then you must be experiencing the high-speed internet which is up to 32.7 Mbps. Well, that speed is enough for downloading.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria right now has more than 3.9 million users who use the internet. If you are a citizen of Bulgaria then you must be experiencing the huge speed of 32.1 Mbps. That speed is more than enough for downloading and to watch YouTube videos without any buffering.

3. Israel

The literacy rate of Israel is the highest in the world. Israel is also the 8th country of the world which keeps the massive amount of nuclear weapons. If we talk about internet speeds, the average internet speed in Israel is around 30.9Mbps.

4. South Korea

Access to the fastest Internet in the world is in South Korea, with average speeds of 29 Mbps, the population has very high-speed internet access. The curious thing is that even with more than 80% of households to have access to the Internet, there is some key information that can be accessed, which is practiced by the government.

5. Norway

Norway Internet access is made with the average speeds of 21.3 Mbps. What stands out, even more, this position is the fact that Norway has seen its average grow 68% compared to 2015 and this is the highest value of this study.

6. Sweden

The top of this table is provided by countries that recognize a high technological appetite. Hence, Sweden takes the third position, with average speeds of 20.6 Mbps. This displayed value represents an increase of 32% compared to the 2015 figures.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the first country to achieve Internet access peak speeds above 60 Mbps, but, currently, the value is 19.9 Mbps, putting the country in a brilliant fourth place.

8. Switzerland

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps and many people consider that it is the country having the richest citizens of the planet, has the average internet access speed of 18.7 Mbps. This represents an increase of 25% compared to what was available in last year’s report.

9. Latvia

Back in Europe, Latvia, it is a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia known for its strong national identity, diverse culture, modern cities and landscapes ranging from wide beaches to dense, sprawling forests, which has Internet access with average speeds of 18.3 Mbps for its citizens and it is three times faster than the global average.

10. Japan

Japan is one of the world’s countries with better-installed fiber optic infrastructure. Taking advantage of this structure, the ISP can give its people an average speed of 18.2 Mbps.

11. Netherlands

Again the list continues with the European countries and the Netherlands ranks eighth with an average speed of Internet access 17.9 Mbps. This country, in addition to having this important position, is also the European country with more homes with Internet access, according to a report of 2014 of the European Union.

12. Czech Republic

Another European country that is on this list is the Czech Republic and with a rate of 17.8 Mbps is above many developed countries. Compared to the previous year, the Czech Republic had a growth rate that exceeded 30%.

13. Finland

The last country of this list is Finland, which provides its residents access to high-speed Internet at the average speed of 17.7 Mbps, many consider this value quite good.