Pinal County deputies arrested a San Tan Valley couple after their 2-year-old boy was found abandoned outside his residence. As they were arrested for child endangerment and child neglect after they left the child home alone for up to 90 minutes.

Couple Arrested After Leaving Little Child To Play Pokemon Go

Since the Pokemon GO launch, the fever of Pokémon GO has generated some unusual reactions by some players. The most recent case, reported on Monday (1), shows a couple who were arrested after leaving the 2-year-old to play the location-based augmented reality game Pokemon GO.

American couple were arrested after leaving their son who is only two years old, alone at home in order to play the smartphone game Pokemon GO. Brent and Brianne Daley, 27 and 25, respectively admitted that they left little sleeping at home when they went out to have fun with the smartphones game. But the child was found crying outside the house and then neighbors called the police.

The hype of the Pokemon Go is an authentic madness that infected kids and above all ages. In addition to the challenging and entertainment aspect, the game has also been subject to some more serious concerns.

The two years old child who was left alone at home for about 90 minutes, was found by the neighbors as mentioned earlier, just after the arrival of police at the scene they found the little boy with the red face, dirty and sweaty.

However, police managed to get home and called a telephone number that realized to be the child’s father. To meet and to be informed of what happened, he answered only “Whatever” off then.

Once found by agents, parents were immediately arrested and are now charged with abuse and neglect of minors. The child is well and is currently under the authority of the Government.