Did you all know that the tech giant Apple has been asked to pay $3 million for patent infringement, yes, Apple has lost a copyright infringement lawsuit to patent licensing item, Mobile Media Ideas LLC and as a result, Apple has been ordered to pay $3 million in compensation to the company.

Court Finds Apple Guilty Of Stealing Nokia And Sony’s Patent For Its iPhone

A jury in Delaware (USA) ruled electronics manufacturer “giant”, Apple has violated patents from MobileMedia Ideas, it is a joint stock company owned by Sony and Nokia to negative iPhone’s audio when a call comes in. Basically, the tech giant Apple had infringed a patent, owned by Maryland-based MobileMedia Ideas LLC, for ring-silencing technology on mobile phones.

Hence, Delaware judge has ordered Apple to fork over $3 million in damages for breach of a patent of the company, partly owned by Sony and Nokia. The trial began in 2010, MobileMedia Ideas originally accused Apple of violating 16 patents. In the six years and many trials the original claim was reduced to only one patent relating to a call signal on the iPhone, for which MobileMedia was awarded a round sum of money.

In the first judgment, this figure had dropped to 4 camera patent infringement, handle calls, reject calls and emergency calls. However, Apple immediately filed an appeal. In 2015, the appellate court returned the 3 patents for this manufacturer. The remaining patents were retained for consideration by the court.

This drive to another lawsuit in which Apple claimed that the telephone ring patent was illogical because it was too nebulous. However, the federal court of Delaware disagreed, and decided that Apple was indeed guilty of infringing the patent on September 21.

To defend itself, “Apples to be measured” gave a PDF document asserted patents on the phone is not valid because they are too uncertain as we told earlier. Hence, the MobileMedia not accepted this document. In the 4th week, after a day of discussions, the tribunal has concluded Apple guilty and must pay compensation.

In fact, although only prevails but concedes MobileMedia 3 million, equivalent to 1/6 the amount of $18 million that the company copyright expectations. So, this decision is not a huge win for MobileMedia Ideas LLC, who was reportedly soliciting $18 million in royalties from the lawsuit.