In recent times the social media giant Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating new features to its Messenger application. Now, it added a new extraordinary feature to its application.

Create Your Own Live Radio Program With Facebook Live Audio

We see social networks are strongly committed to video to share content rather than only with images that have been the most common. Mark Zuckerberg predicted that social networks will be nothing more than videos in 2021, and his function was already implemented months ago as Facebook Live for live video transmissions.

Instagram, owned by Facebook since 2012, launched a major update a few weeks ago and its most important new features are the live video using the new tab “Live”. A few days ago Twitter was updated to allow live video to all users, through the “LIVE” option on the menu to create a new tweet.

Facebook Live Audio

Now Facebook – the social network that holds the first place in the number of active users per month – looking to cover more multimedia capabilities, such as podcasts. To this end, as announced on its official blog, Facebook just added a new extraordinary feature to its mobile app and this new feature will allow users to share real-time audio.

This is Live Audio, a feature to emit the live sound only while the audience interacts in real time. As with live video transmissions, this feature reminiscent radio programs, users can receive feedback from the public.

Facebook Live Audio will have a simple operation and very similar to the traditional podcasts: As the user can initiate a live program and other users can simply follow it directly from the news feed. In this way, the social media giant adds this function to others like Snapchat-like expiration messages, masks, and filters for the camera, or 360 content.

The live audio transmissions begin to be available right now for some radio networks, but Facebook announced that Live Audio will get progressively over the next 2017 for all users. So, for now, you can simply follow the first programs to be transmitted.

Also, users of Android have the option to listen to these audios in the background even when the phone is locked, or the screen is off – thanks to integration with audio API. Facebook Live Audio can be a success if we consider that many users do not like to appear on video, but they would be encouraged to do so only with audio.

So, what do you think? Share your feedbacks and opinions regarding this new feature in the comment section below.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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