We all use the internet to find or search for something, surf websites, etc., and while doing all that, we are triggering some servers so that they can respond with the results that are stored in these servers or the cloud storage.

But there are some methods through which we can change or induce some techniques into our home PC such that it behaves or becomes like a web server. After making the PC into a web server, you can host files, images, web pages, etc., for free.

This self-hosted data provides access to other devices through the PC that acts like the server and can be used to play with your files while using any other device. Read the article below to learn how to turn your Home Computer into a Web server.

Turn your Home Computer into a Web Server

To make your PC behave like a server, you must download and install the software “Opera Unite,” and that’s all. After installing that app, you have to configure it so that it can host your particular files, and the process of configuring it has been described above.

1. First of all, open the Opera Web browser on your PC, and then from the lower left corner of the browser, select the Opera Unite service and enable it.

2. Once the service has been enabled successfully, you will need to add your files or folders, etc. To add up the files, you want to host, double-click on the File sharing link from Opera Unite and then select the folders and files you want to share on the web.

3. The selected files will be then shared or hosted and can be accessed over the internet on any specified device or to every device publicly. This privacy you will be setting afterward, and you can also set that up easily through the provided options inside.

4. If you feel like your files or folders that you share are not secure, then you can also add up the passwords to them or get up the direct share links for them without any passwords.

5. Keep in mind that while your PC works to host your files, it will have to be running all the time so that you can access your files on other devices through the links. You should also take care that your PC should be connected to a live internet connection to host the files unless it fails to work.

6. Opera Unite won’t be caching any data from the internet. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the collection of trash files or data by the working of the software.

So this was the easy method through which you can also turn your home PC into a web server and then host your files and data stored inside it. You can then access this data even through other devices, and hence can be made easy to transfer or relate the data.