As we all know that the development of applications for smart devices does not differ significantly from developing desktop applications and nowadays the app development is one of the most in-demand technical skill.

Now You Can Develop Android Apps Without Coding

Since you may know that developing a perfected bugs free and responsive application is not so easy, hence to build perfected bugs free and responsive application, a clear idea of programming and basic skills of coding must be required.

Now many of you might be thinking that “then How it is possible to develop android apps without coding?”. Yes, it is possible to develop android apps without coding, simply we should be thankful to this “MIT App Inventor”, it is an open source application which is originally created by the tech giant Google and currently it is maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This MIT App Inventor is also known as App Inventor for Android.

Now many you might be thinking that what to do now with this app and how it works. Basically, MIT App Inventor allows newcomers to computer programming to create software applications for the Android operating system.

MIT App Inventor

As it uses a graphical interface, very similar to the zero and the user interface StarLogo TNG, which allows users to drag and drop visual objects to create an application that can run on Android devices. To create App Inventor, Google earned significant prior research in educational computing and the work done within Google in online development environments.

Basically, in simple words, we can say that with this open source tool can easily convert your creative ideas into Android applications. This utility is a cloud-based browser, so no need to download any software or save anything on your computer.

As we told earlier that this app is an open source application and anyone who wants to use this app, they can use it for free. Now, to use App Inventor, all you need is a Google account. As the process will start in your browser, where you have to create a new application project.

Then you can proceed to connect your phone to your computer in order to get a live preview of everything that you do on your computer or else you can also use the Android emulator instead of your phone. By using this feature, you can easily start adjusting your application’s behavior.

To start using the App Inventor, just click here, after this you need to grant the application access to your Google account and you’re good to go. Still need few more details simply click here to explore more about the App Inventor and check out what it’s all about.