Just after Apple’s October event, renowned Ubuntu laptop and desktop seller, System76 had witnessed a huge surge in the traffic. The traffic was about 4 times more than usual.

Here’s Why Some Disappointed Apple Fans Are Moving To Ubuntu Linux

Without any doubt, the new MacBook Pro is powerful and it is built for professional users. However, we have also observed that Apple killed off all the necessary USB Ports, HDMI Ports, SD card slot, Thunderbolt 2 ports and much more.

Apple had introduced a new TouchBar which is located above the keyboard. However, replacing the USB, HDMI ports is expressing lots of concerns. Apple MacBooks can have the maximum of 16GB RAM. On the other hand, 32GB RAM is slowly becoming a standard for power users.

Microsoft might call this a new innovation. However, Apple’s die-hard fans are now switching to another alternative like Linux. According to reports from BetaNews, System76 which is a renowned Ubuntu Laptop and desktop sellers had to witness a huge surge in the traffic.

The traffic was that high that System 76 needed to upgrade their servers to keep users happy and just to make sure the website doesn’t crash. System76 had said in twitter “Had website issues due to all the traffic following the Apple Event. This year rocks!”

Ryan Sipes who is a community Manager at System76 said “People being so underwhelmed by a product (new MacBook Pro) that immediately following a new product release they actively seek out competitor’s products”

If we take a look at System76 product, Oryx Pro has Quad-core Skylake i7 processor, 32GB RAM, 256GBSSD along with 6GB Nvidia GTX 1060 Graphic card and guess what the price is? It is less than $2,000. Without any doubt, System76’s offering are more powerful than MacBooks. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.