We all know that Windows 10 Creators Update has now begun to arrive on users’ computers but the tech giant Microsoft is now receiving the negative response from various users regarding hardware issues.

Microsoft: Don’t Install Creators Update, It’s Buggy

The Creators Update arrived on the 11th, being offered to everyone in a gradual and very controlled manner. This Microsoft policy is intended to ensure that the update is delivered to everyone at the right time and without any problem.

Already a few days before it was possible to do the manual update of Windows 10, something that the tech giant Microsoft is now saying that it does not recommend for reasons that turn out to be obvious.

Since day 5 it is possible for Windows 10 users to install Creators Update. Out of the normal update cycles, this process is done manually and allows everyone to install the news.

The new Microsoft recommendation

According to a Microsoft publication on the Windows 10 blog, this is an unsecured process that may expose users to issues and instabilities in Windows 10.

The recommendation at this time is not to use this version, at least by less experienced users, and to wait for the arrival of Creators Update through normal Windows update processes.

Microsoft’s Reasons

This Microsoft alert comes as a justification for the upgrade process to be slower than usual and has not reached all of them. The control is large, and whenever a problem is encountered on a hardware, it is blocked until the solution is found.

“Blocking availability of the update to devices we know will experience issues is a key aspect of our controlled rollout approach. We decide what to block based on user impact, and blocking issues are the high priority for us to address as quickly as possible. During the time it takes to address an issue, we want to limit the number of customers exposed to that issue”.

Therefore, by manually installing Creators Update, users circumvent these mechanisms and are exposed to issues that Microsoft may still have not resolved.

“It’s important to note that when customers use the Software Download Site to manually install the Creators Update they bypass many of these blocks”.

The solution for installing Creators Update

The solution is now simple. Microsoft urges users to resist the temptation to install Creators Update manually and await their arrival by updating Windows.

The arrival is being made in a phased manner, with the most recent machines receiving this new version first, and is therefore extended to other older machines. It will always be dependent on problems, as they have already been found, but soon they are solved.

After trying so hard to force Windows 10 to users, it’s now Microsoft’s turn to ask them not to hurry up and wait for the update to arrive with all the news.


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