Let’s have a look at a method to Download Games to PS4 from Your Smartphone or PC using the app and converting the downloaded games to one that will run in PS4. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ames are the best aspects of the digital life, half of the world is indulged in the gaming sections. PS4 is the well-known gaming console which is greatly popular among the people and they love to enjoy several games available for it. Every time the new game is launched for the PS4 the people find the easiest way to grab it, they tend to resist the only option for buying the game disc for the console. Actually, there is a number of ways to get the games to PS4, these could be easily downloaded to PS4 from phone or PC. This is what most of the users would be confused about, certainly, this is easy to do and even many of the games could be grasped for the PS4 right using this method. The issue is that the method is not clearly known to the users for downloading the games to PS4 from phone or PC. We have written almost everything to introduce you and make the clear view about the topic of this post, now we are to share you with the exact method of downloading the games to the PS4 right from phone or PC. Those geeks who are willing to know about the same method they could remain on the page, make sure to read up to the end of this post so as to get the fullest information about the method. Now its time to start up with the main part of this article, keep on reading below for the same!

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How to Download Games to PS4 from Your Phone or PC

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the below step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Download Games to PS4 from Your Phone or PC:

#1 First of all, make sure that the PS4 is being set in the rest mode. Actually, by default, these settings are configured on every PS4 device. While if you checked your console does not have these settings then not to worry as it is simple to select these changes. Simply navigate to the settings of the device and then from there head to the Power Save Settings. Now choose the option Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Also, make sure that you select the Stay Connected to Internet option from there.

Download Games to PS4 from Your Phone or PC
Download Games to PS4 from Your Phone or PC

#2 Once you have done the above step download the Sony Playstation app on the Android or iOS device, whichever you are using. This app is easily available for the users on the Google Play store and the iOS app store. After installing this app you will be asked for the login to PS Account. Login using your credentials but remember that you use the account same as the account of the running Play station for which you wish to have the games downloaded.

#3 Tap on the PlayStation Store icon in the top right corner of the screen once after the login. Choose the game you wish to download, you could search for the games, after choosing to add the games to the cart. Make sure if the games are free or paid, if paid then you would be charged from the linked account. Finally, at the checkout, you will have the option named Download to Your PS4. Use this option to add the game to your PlayStation account that could be accessed in the console after that.

Download Games to PS4 from Your Phone or PC
Download Games to PS4 from Your Phone or PC

#4 Through the PC you could simply add on the games to PlayStation right using the Sony PlayStation Website. Login to the PlayStation account likewise and again add the games to your cart. Similar to the mobile phone steps you would be able to download the games to your PS4 from the option. That’s it!

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Reaching towards the end of this article, we have successfully provided you with the exact information related to the method by which the games could be downloaded to PS4 by phone to PC. through above data. We implied the smooth writing way and the easiest steps so as to help you seize the information for the topic of this post really quickly without any aberrations. We hope that you would have definitely liked our work and the style of this post, and you would have found up the helpful tips out of this method in the post. If you really liked this post then please make sure to share it up with others, this would help to make our work reach to others too. At the very end trying to share your opinions and the suggestions regarding this post through using the comments box below!