Duo, Google's Video Calling App Goes Live; Will Take On Skype

The tech giant Google recently launched a fresh 1-to-1 video calling app which is dubbed as Google Duo. The new video calling application from Google has a unique feature known as Knock Knock which simply lets you see the video feed of the caller before receiving the call along with the end-to-end encryption for all the video calls.

Duo, Google’s Video Calling App Goes Live; Will Take On Skype

At present, there are already various platforms that already allow us to perform video calls with particular emphasis on Skype, Facetime and even Google Hangouts. But the tech giant company Google today launched its latest app known as Duo which is an application for simple video calling that simply allows the eye to eye contact with anyone.

Currently, the tech giant Google already started offering its new application for video calls, Google Duo. This new application allows faster visual communication regardless of the type of mobile device and links quality.

Google Duo
Google Duo

Another innovation is the feature “knock knock”, which shows who is calling even before the call is answered. As we told earlier that the tech giant Google already started offering its new application known as Google Duo a video calling app which is currently available for both the platform Android and iOS.


Here’re few essential facts about the Google’s latest video calling app which is known as Google Duo:-

It is Based on your phone number : The Google Duo is based on the user’s phone number so that you can easily access all your contacts without the need to create an account.
‘Knock Knock’ Feature : With the ‘Knock Knock’ feature you can see in advance on video that who is calling on the other hand, even before answering the call. The ‘Knock Knock’ feature works only with people who appear in the contact list and can be disabled by the user.
Wi-Fi and phone calls : The transitions between Wifi and mobile data in Duo will be carried out without any problem. It means that we can start a video call on a given network and switch to another without there being any interruption.
Video calls One on One : The Duo focuses on video calls one on one instead of group calls.
Lightning Videos: With the Google Duo you can easily optimize all aspects of a video call so that there is a faster connection than the most web applications and communications. In addition, the sound and video are always synchronized even in slower networks or connections.
Designed to run on slower connections : Works well on slower connections, such as those present in emerging markets, so it can be used in any networks.
Safe : In all calls, the tech giant Google enabled and added the end to end encryption for video calls just like the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.