Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone

Learn how to enable true-stereo sound on Pixel XL Smartphone with the help of simple and easy trick that will help you to get the best out of your Pixel device, So follow the below guide to proceed.

In the latest smartphone i.e the flagship smartphone Pixel XL from Google, there are so many amazing new features and functions but still apart from that there is only one downside, it does not have stereo speakers. This limitation could not be digested by many of the music lovers, multimedia users because they do want up to the higher quality speakers on their device. Although for such users willing to have stereo speakers on Pixel XL any hardware modification could not be done but still there are some modifications through which this could be enabled. Like Android have great capability to add extra features to the device if these aren’t built-in, so in Pixel XL also the speaker capabilities could be easily modified. Users just need to follow some kind of method to induce True Stereo speaker output functionality on Pixel XL smartphones, just go and read out the below article as we have discussed that method here.

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How to Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone

The things you need for this are Rooted Pixel XL, Android 7.1 Android Nougat, Root Enabled File Browser and after that you need to follow the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone:

1. Download the given file below to this step, just remember to check that you download this file perfectly or either any damages to the downloaded file could harm your device too in the further steps.

2. Open the Root enabled file browser on your device adds then from there navigate to the folder “/system/etc/ ” folder and locate the file named “mixer_paths.xml” and then rename it to “mixer_paths.bak“.

Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone
Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone

After that head on to the file you just downloaded in the above step and copy it, and then paste this file to the “/system/etc/ ” folder.

Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone
Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone


3. Long press the newly posted mixer_path.XML file and then choose Permissions from the menu that appears, and then from there check that the owner category is set to “Read” and “Write” while all other categories are set to “Read” only. Reboot your device after these changes.

Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone
Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone

4. After the above step, you will now notice that your Pixel XL device will output the stereo sound from both of the speakers i.e ear speaker and the mouth speaker but the thing is that both these won’t be balanced properly. To fix that, you need to run two shell commands and this could be done through using up the terminal emulator after each reboot.

5. Download the Terminal Emulator app and then paste these two commands each side by side after returning from the one:

  • echo 0x210f > /sys/kernel/debug/tfa98xx-34/regs/06-AUDIO_CTR
  • echo 0x8093 > /sys/kernel/debug/tfa98xx-34/regs/04-I2SREG # right channel only
    Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone
    Enable True-Stereo Sound on Pixel XL Smartphone

This will balance your stereo sound and note that you will require running these commands after each reboot so that you could get up the proper balanced true stereo output from the speakers.

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And this was the method through which you could easily add the true stereo sound capability on the Pixel XL smartphone and hence after applying the method there would be no limitations to the quality of the output from the speakers and the users would be able to experience stereo sound output. If you also own the Google Pixel XL smartphone and want it’s speakers to give out true stereo sound then just apply the given method.


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