We all know that who is Andy Rubin? Andy Rubin is one of the parents of our beloved Android operating system. And today we want to tell you about his return or come back to Essential Products, the company he founded and is responsible for the unsuccessful Essential Phone.

Essential CEO Andy Rubin Reportedly Returns To Work

I am sure that practically all of you will know perfectly who Andy Rubin is, one of the parents of our beloved Android operating system. However, recently, we reported you about his departure from Essential Products, the company that he founded and is responsible for the unsuccessful Essential Phone.

However, if a manager leaves a company is not strange; but, the problem, in this case, would be the reasons that allegedly would have moved him to leave the company. Let’s see all the details below.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the news broke that Andy Rubin, one of the parents of our beloved Android operating system, was leaving Essential, the company that he had set up after leaving the tech giant Google.

Although at first, his lawyer alleged “personal problems”, the corporate situation of the company has not been the best, and the rumours and instability that surround it raised further doubts.

To start from the beginning, we must go back to 2014, when Rubin leaves the tech giant Google, after nine years working in the company. Apparently, according to the people of The Verge, Rubin would have decided to leave the tech giant Google very soon after, in the course of an investigation carried out by the human resources department of the Mountain View company, it would have been determined that he maintained an “inappropriate relationship” with a subordinate employee. In addition, in 2013 Andy Rubin would have already changed department for the opening of these investigations.

The information quoted does not detail the extent to which the expression “inappropriate relationship” arrives, so we do not know if it is some kind of doublespeak or, on the contrary, refers only and exclusively to the inappropriateness of the work environment, in which could be conflicts of interest or abuse of position, contravening Google’s policy in this regard.

However, as we have read in Recode, Rubin has once again become part of the management of the company that he founded, probably with the idea of starting work on the second version of the Essential, which the company has already announced.

Despite this departure, Andy Rubin has not been idle during his days in the shade, since he has been seen entering and leaving the offices of Playground Global, another of his companies and in which he also acts as CEO, which is also located in the same offices as Essential’s.

His departure came after seeing a report in which he claimed that Rubin was relocated to the tech giant Google for maintaining a relationship with one of the workers, something that the search engine company does not allow for internal policies. Hours after the publication of this report Andy argued the already famous “personal problems” and disappeared for a few days as we already hinted earlier.

However, as we told earlier that his lawyers have rejected the idea of Rubin breaking any rule of his previous company and have remarked that the relationship was not a problem. On the other hand, both Essential and the person involved have avoided commenting on it. We will see if these personal problems have come to an end and we can see an Andy Rubin totally involved in his company, which certainly thank in their offices.

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