Facebook Adds End To End Encryption To Messenger For Secret Conversations
Facebook Adds End To End Encryption To Messenger For Secret Conversations

The social media giant Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature for its Messenger application, which will offer end to end encryption to messenger app and ensure the confidentiality of discussions of its users on the most sensitive issues.

Facebook Adds End To End Encryption To Messenger For Secret Conversations

As we all know that Facebook Messenger is super-popular, as the 800 million people use it worldwide and the platform must manage countless conversations. The major discussion is that whose content can be sensitive. That is why the instant messaging service Facebook Messenger will soon receive an additional protection with the end to end encryption to secure the conversations.

Yes, the American giant of social networks Facebook announced on Friday that it would propose a total encryption of its communications on Messenger, confirming the growing strength of anti-monitoring devices at major internet groups.

The social network giant Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature known as “Secret Conversations” for its instant messaging app. As the name suggests, it aims to preserve the confidentiality of certain conversations.

Hence, both the parties will get benefit from the increased security, since the content of the conversation will be invisible to Facebook as well as to any other intermediate server relaying it. Currently, this feature is not available for every user as for now it is only available for a small number of members. But, soon it will be deployed more widely in this summer.

“Providing people the means to communicate securely contributes significantly to the fact of making the world more open and connected,” said David Marcus, the vice president of the social network Facebook. According to him, this option is especially useful for exchanging medical information with a doctor or share personal and financial data with relatives.

The social media giant Facebook had earlier in this year, opted this same safety mechanism on its instant messaging app WhatsApp and was now followed by its rivals Google and Apple as well.

However, the representatives of law enforcement and the elected officials have criticized the decision, as they worried a lot about this feature, just because the encryption or the encryption of conversations can be used by the criminals to perform any severe crime or to plan any terrorist attacks.

Furthermore, the contents of the messages will not be as “rich” in terms of content than a conventional message, as the new feature excluded the GIFs and videos. In Google’s latest app, Hello, Google has disabled the encryption by default. If the user decides to activate it, then it loses the benefit of certain functions based on the analysis of messages.

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