Recently, the social media giant Facebook users in parts of the world are experiencing a social media blackout, yes, Facebook is down worldwide for many users.

Facebook Down Worldwide For Many Users

If you are a Facebook user, you probably did not find any problems to enter your wall. However, around “18.00” on Friday, Pacific Time, the social network has stopped working for companies and users who manage pages, across much of the globe.

However, we all know that Facebook is the largest social network in the world, but as we told that recently Facebook has fallen Friday in many countries around the world. For about 30 minutes, users from several places on the planet reported in other social networks that could not write messages, see news, or not even log.

“There was an error, we are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible,” said the message that appeared on the screen when trying to open the Facebook page.

Unable to use the social network, many netizens have posted in other ironical social networks comments on the fall of Facebook and have not been slow to create memes about the incident on the web. Sarcastically, many of them come to say no much to do when Facebook falls.

Last October several sites such as Twitter, Amazon, CNN, Reddit, PayPal, Spotify, AirBnB, and Netflix, among others, were no longer available as a result of three Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Against Dyn, a leading provider of DNS (Domain Name System) services.

However, this incident affected about more than 1 billion users worldwide but hold on, its effect was initially limited to those who are on the east coast of the United States.


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