In recent times, the social media giant Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating new features to its app and platform. However, now the social network giant Facebook is currently testing an awesome and extraordinary new feature which will soon reach to all users.

Facebook Is About To Get This Awesome New Feature

The social network giant Facebook, a company that this year has updated its online social network platform and its application for Android and iOS integrating different new modes and greater security.

No doubt, we have seen how the application has matured in an impressive way since its inception, but at the moment, it lacks much to improve, as it consumes a lot of RAM and therefore, the performance of our mobile phone drastically decreases; something unacceptable today.

Now, the social network giant Facebook is developing a new feature that will bring all its users back to status updates.

According to BuzzFeed, some users have already found this new feature in their social network Facebook account, which allows them to create temporary status updates. Yes, it means that they can program the “temporary profile status”, to expire at a certain time.

A spokesman for the social network giant Facebook confirmed this finding and commented that they have been testing this new feature since last week. It will give users the possibility to write a publication, but only text and with a limit of 101 characters, as shown in the image they share in BF.

So, users can share with their friends what they are doing at the moment, or express their feelings, without needing that update or publication is permanently recorded in the profile. If they change their minds, they can reverse the action, and leave it as one of the many publications that are shared on Facebook.

Another option offered by this new function that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has at hand is that users can choose, at the time of the publication, whether they want to appear only in the profile, or is also visible in the Newsfeed. It remains to be seen if the Facebook team believes that it is worth extending this function to all users.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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