Social media giant Facebook just announced the launch of a tool called “Tinder Facebook” whose function is to bring together users with similar interests in a given area.

Facebook unveils a new feature in its mobile application known as “Discover People,” a tool designed to encourage users to present themselves by updating their profile to then scroll through a list of upcoming events to learn what others Social Network users plan to attend. This way you can meet people with the same hobbies.

The feature, designed to facilitate connections between people who are not yet friends on Facebook, could be used in the business world or, as you have thought more than one, to link through Facebook. The social network shows once this movement how you can better connect with people with the same interests.

Image Credit- TechCrunch
Image Credit- TechCrunch

The company confirmed to TechCrunch that, although the feature is just beginning to spread for users on iOS and Android, it is available from the Friends, Events, Groups, Nearby Places, and other options sections. When you first access this Tinder Facebook, you must update your profile as a “card.” Unfortunately, everything you change will affect your entire profile on the social network, not just “Discover People” something that will not appeal to many users.

After updating the profile, you will be able to navigate through the different events that will take place in your area and discover people with the same interests as well. Once you have located someone of your interest, you can see their profile and send a friend request or private message.

This Tinder Facebook will also allow users to discover your city and suggest contacts you could meet. It is yet to see if, finally, as is often the case with this kind of news, the people in charge of the social network are satisfied with the tests of Discover People and globally launch the tool in the coming months.


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