In recent times, the social media giant Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating new features to its app and Messenger app. Hence, now it added a new awesome and extraordinary feature to its app.

Facebook Just Added An Unusual Feature To Its Application

Gradually, the largest digital social network in the world is providing very useful services that end up “holding” the user within the platform itself.

This time the social media giant Facebook remembered to start making available weather information. So, learn how to see this information on the web or via the mobile app.

It’s time to start uninstalling the weather apps as the social media giant Facebook, now has a feature that allows access to this type of information. With a very simple but nice interface, the user can see the forecast from time to time, for six days.

How to see the weather forecast on Facebook?

Don’t worry, as if you think that you have to little hard work then you are wrong. To access the weather information, simply go to Menu and then search for Weather over there you can access the forecast information.

Image Credit: NDTV
Image Credit: NDTV

According to Facebook itself, this feature will reach 95% of users this month. The location of the user is automatically obtained, but by accessing the Settings within the Tempo interface, you can add more locations.

Moreover, a Facebook spokesperson stated, that “We are doing this because our goal is to develop products that connect people to the things they care about most and create moments of joy in people’s day, like simply telling you that it’s going to rain later.”


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