Recently, a team of researchers from Australian security company known as LMNTRIX Labs has detected a new malicious program which is called “Facebook Password Stealer” promise to hack Facebook accounts, but, it actually steals your own Facebook password.

WARNING! This Facebook Password Stealer Steals Your Own Password

A team of researchers from Australian security company LMNTRIX Labs has detected a new malware that steals Facebook’s password, but given its method of propagation, in this case, the victim is not as innocent as on other occasions.

According to the report of the security firm, the virus is a hidden Trojan in a program called Facebook Password Stealer, a piece of software that pretends to be an application to hack other people’s Facebook account.

It is not the first time cybercriminals have used this strategy to distribute malware and steal passwords. On other occasions, we have seen campaigns that exploit the interest of some users to spy on other people, and one of the most repeated is the one that promises to hack the WhatsApp of your friends to see the chats.

Now, stealing the Facebook password has become the claim to distribute the new Trojan that has been detected. “The attackers know that this is a widespread and growing desire,” the team says.

Moreover, the security researchers also added that “There is a potentially large demand for the alleged service, so they are distributing a sample through spam, ad campaigns, pop-ups, pornographic websites and sometimes as standalone software as well.”

Once the fake program has been downloaded, it shows the user a window like the one you can see below. To hack the Facebook account, as the system simply asks the victim to enter their access keys to the social network, as well as the email or the address of the page of the person they want to spy on.

Just after pressing the Hack button this malicious software simply starts to run the remote access Trojan, which then starts working in the background simply to steal the keys of the frustrated thief.

To avoid being a victim of this type of malware, do not look for the programs to steal passwords with utilities similar to those of Facebook Password Stealer, not only because spying is not good, but because it is you who can see your account hacked.

So, what do you think about this new malicious FB Password Stealer program? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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