Facebook SDK Issues Causing iOS Apps to Crash. A huge number of iOS applications like Spotify, Pinterest, and Tinder are crashing since the early morning. Facebook has confirmed the existing issue and is on it to fix it.

 iOS Apps Crash due to Facebook SDK Issues

Facebook SDK Issues Causing iOS Apps to Crash
Facebook SDK Issues Causing iOS Apps to Crash

A Facebook SDK issue since 7 AM ET is causing many of the iOS applications to crash on iPhone devices. Facebook acknowledged the problem. The organization is currently investigating the issue but hasn’t given the anticipated time to fix the problem.

There is a widespread report on sites like Downdetector that apps like Spotify, Venmo, TikTok, Mario Kart Tour are crashing on iPhones and iPad devices.

Although the exact cause of the outages is not yet verified, early reports say that the issue is caused by the Facebook software development kit, or SDK, which is used by many apps to handle user logins. Users do not need to use Facebook to log in to an app to affect their device, and there are no reports of crashing the same applications on iOS.

Some issues similar to this had happened in May this year which caused similar outages. Facebook allows developers to implement their log-in services into their applications by giving them useful insights into the use of the app and in exchange for ads.

“Facebook really pushes developers into installing their SDK, likely because they want the very rich data they can collect on those app’s users, the SDK is offered as a convenience for both developers and marketing teams since it can also be used to track the conversions of ads run through Facebook,” says Guilherme Rambo, an App Developer.

The only workaround as of now available is to open the iOS Apps by opening it offline i.e turning off your data or Wi-Fi. No official fix has been announced as of yet.


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