We all know very well that the social network giant Facebook always seeks to add and implement new and efficient features to its platform. However, recently the social network giant Facebook is trying out a new feature to meet people based on your contacts, simply it will help you to make new friends.

Facebook Is Testing A New Feature To Help You Make New Friends

Friends of my friends are my friends. This seems to be the next goal of the world’s most famous social network. As the social network giant Facebook is trying out a new feature to meet people based on your contacts. This functionality reminds us of other platforms. Is this a case where the social network giant Facebook copied Tinder or is imitating LinkedIn?

Of course, the new feature presents aspects similar to these two. As it powers our network, brings us closer and provides more information about the people with whom our circle is connected (as LinkedIn does).

While the algorithm proposes to talk to them through messaging, as long as both agree (very similar to Tinder’s operation). These new features of the social network giant Facebook add to the recently added: the Stories, the video platform Facebook Watch, respond to comments with GIFs, etc.

The new feature of Facebook will allow us to add new contacts based on what we already have. The “meet our friends” option is going to show us a relationship with whom our circle is connected. So far, the algorithm made recommendations to us whenever we were connected with at least one person.

Now it goes further by showing us more details about each of them. It also expands the way to get to know them: it will be based on groups you belong to, events you have attended, pages you have given “Like”, places where you have worked or places you have visited and lived. So, does Facebook has copied LinkedIn?

Mark Zuckerberg is also working on another outstanding novelty, by establishing a communication between two people who might be interested in getting to know each other. It looks like the idea of this project is more aimed at regaining friendships with whom we have not interacted virtually.

What is certain is that this new function of the famous social network giant Facebook makes you a proposition to stay, to which you can answer “Yes” or “No thanks”. In case the answer is positive on both sides, it puts you in touch again.

According to Motherboard, this feature is now in beta phase. “People often use Facebook to make plans with their friends, so we’re doing a little test on the Facebook app to make it easier. The test is limited to a small number of users in Toronto and New Zealand who have devices iOS and Android,” the report said.

So, what do you think about this new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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