Recently the British consumer protection agency conducted a test in which they found 99% of fake Apple chargers are dangerous. As some of the cheaper and pure-copy iPhone chargers currently on the market have the capability of physically harming you.

99% Of Fake Apple Chargers Are Dangerous

The temptation to buy unofficial products is great. The main motivation is usually the higher price of genuine products. While Amazon taking measures simply to eliminate all the counterfeit products currently flooding its marketplace, consumers are still getting casually ripped off by third party sellers and it’s not just a ripoff, as it could be dangerous.

A new study shows that 99 percent of fake iPhone chargers are dangerous to consumers. The British consumer protection agency, Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) conducted a test extended to false Chargers of iPhone and the conclusions reached are very worrying. Almost all of the tested devices prove to be dangerous for users and bypass some of the most basic security measures.

The Testing Of iPhone Chargers

In all total, they analyzed 400 chargers dedicated to iPhone, purchased on the Internet, and among them, only 3 met the most basic safety requirements. The most fault is detected in the isolation of the internal components, which may lead to the risk of electric shocks and even fire.

“In all, we tested 400 adapters and the results were literally shocking. The overall failure rate exceeded 99 percent. All but three chargers able to pass our basic safety tests and were fire and shock hazards. Twelve were so poorly designed and constructed as they posed the risk of lethal electrocution to the user”.

In addition to these tests, the UK Trading Standards also analyzed 3000 chargers and they found they are second-hand, bought in the London area, and the scene was no better. 15% of these chargers also had security problems, which could lead to fire and electric shock as mentioned earlier.

Smart Measures That Can Be Taken

The most basic measure and most logical way is to avoid acquiring unofficial chargers. Even though they are cheaper, as the false can lead to serious problems that can destroy the device or lead to much bigger problems.

Fake Charger
Fake Charger

Not only that even there is also the correct choice of the charging cables also matters. The option for correct accessories is also a priority and the tech giant Apple has detailed information how to detect an original cable.

After Apple’s study revealed that 90% of supposedly official products sold on Amazon are fake, now comes another study that warns of problems that the unofficial equipment can bring. The price at which they are sold are attractive, but then the problems they bring are much more serious and will definitely cost you much.