Christine Condor, a self-described farmer’s wife has created a local broadband network named B4RN. It is 35 times faster than average UK internet connection speed

Meet The Farmer Who Built Her Own Broadband, 35 Times Faster Than Average

Well, we all must agree that slow or negligible internet connection is one of the major problems today. This problem became worse in underdeveloped locations. In most cases, customers can’t do anything till the govt. or ISP/mobile companies takes some initiatives and provide new towers/lines in the area.

However, Christine Condor, a self-described farmer’s wife decided to solve this perennial internet connection problems by building their Broadband station. Well, thanks to her DIY solution to her neighbor’s internet connectivity problems, she has turned herself into a revolutionary internet pioneer.

It simply happened in the year 2009 when she attempted to enhance the connectivity which evolved into B4RN, an internet service provider (ISP) providing one gigabit per second broadband speed to the residents of Lune Valley, Lancashire.

As this was also encouraged by the tall trees which divide her farm from the nearest wireless pole and degraded the signal. However, there are no alternatives available, so she purchased a kilometer of fiber optic cable and dug a trench for the cable using her tractor.

The results were amazing, the average UK internet speed was 28.9 Mbps whereas Christine’s internet speed was approximately 35 times faster. Her entire infrastructure is fibre-optic cable right to the homes.

Image Credit: B4RN
Image Credit: B4RN

B4RN now claims that they have laid 2,000 miles (3,218km) of cable and connected a string of local parishes to its network and Christine’s services have also been recognized by the Queen, she was even awarded an MBE in 2015

You can find out more about her by reading the original story from BBC

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