The creators of the Tor Browser have decided to ally with expertise in computer security in order to protect the users from FBI hacking. Hence, the researchers have decided to create a new “hardened” version of the Tor Browser by applying “anti-hacking techniques”.

FBI Scramble To Exploit Tor Browser

While the FBI has been successful finding the identity of some users of the network, Tor, known as one of the best tools to ensure privacy on the web. Hence, researchers and experts are joining the cyber security to further protect its users from such disclosure.

Exploit for Tor browser and operating machinery vulnerabilities and some parts of the code used to identify the user within the Tor-network got secrecy. A refusal to provide access to the exploit has been sent to the Attorney Virginia lawyer suspected of visiting sites with child pornography.

Previously, their desire to get access to exploit expressed, Mozilla, the developer of Tor Browser. However, all attempts have failed to learn the details of the vulnerability. FBI motivated reluctance to disclose details of the vulnerability of national security interests. Request for assignment of secrecy code was sent for approval to the relevant department and the FBI is currently awaiting formal signature.

In February 2015, the FBI took control over the site with child pornography Playpen and used the exploit to the Tor browser to determine the real IP-address of the underground Internet users. After that, a series of arrests and users of resources have been charged with pedophilia.

Moreover, the researchers write in their paper that “Our solution significantly improves security over standard address space layout randomization (ASLR) techniques currently used by Firefox and other mainstream browsers” and will be presented in July at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium in Darmstadt, Germany.

The law enforcement agencies like the FBI, who protest that they don’t have sufficient resources to develop the malware required to catch the terrorists and other serious criminals. Hence, the defensive advantage may not last for too long, as it shows clearly that some in the academic research community are still determined on patching the holes that their rivals are still helping the government hackers to exploit.


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