Google’s Gboard has finally made its way to Android, six months after landing on iOS. Gboard comes up with lots of new and impressive features.

Finally, Google Launches Its “Gboard” App For Android

We previously published an article in which we demonstrated why iPhone still beats Android. One of the keypoint is because giant companies often launch new apps on iOS first. You would think that Google would concentrate on bringing its apps and tools to its own Android OS before rivals, but this is not always the case.

Google launched Gboard keyboard app for Android six months after it was first launched on iOS. So, let me tell you what Gboard actually is. Gboard is an updated version of Google keyboard and it comes with lots of new and impressive features.

Let me tell you rather than being a completely new app, Gboard is just an update to Google keyboard. Google Keyboard jumped to version 6.0 and there are lots of new features that most people will be interested in.

Finally, Google Launches Its "Gboard" App For Android
Finally, Google Launches Its “Gboard” App For Android

The most obvious change everyone will notice after upgrading their Google Keyboard is the appearance of a dedicated Google button in Gboard. This button provides users an instant access to Google search. Users can access Google search from anywhere.

Users can also search for emoticons to save having to scroll through hundreds to find the one they have been looking for and also this new upgrade brings a new GIF search. Users can only search for GIF where GIF insertion is permitted.

Users can also toggle the dedicated number row from the settings. Gboard app also has the option to change the theme, adjust settings, turn on one-handed mode, and enable dictation from the same option bar. The update is slowly rolling out to the users, but if you’re feeling impatient then you can grab a copy from APK mirror.