Finally, the tech giant Microsoft is ready to make compensation and soon it will introduce the option to pause the Windows 10 automatic updates for a specific period of time.

Finally Microsoft To Kill Automatic Windows 10 Updates

One of the biggest complaints that users have in Windows 10 since it was released is update level. The problem is that they can not be rejected or ignored.

But the tech giant Microsoft is already about to resolve this, giving users soon enough to be able to put the Windows 10 updates on hold for a period of time.

The next major update of Windows 10 will bring many new features, which are slowly getting to know. The build that was recently released unofficially showed some of these improvements, which will soon be available on the Insiders program.

To give some control over the updates to the users, the tech giant Microsoft has prepared a novelty. Already in the next build, it will be possible, in the definitions of the updates, to put them on pause, blocking the process.

Kill Windows 10 Auto Update
Kill Windows 10 Auto Update

This new option came in build 14997, which appeared on the Internet on Christmas Day and will be launched for everyone to update Creators Update, announced by the tech giant Microsoft in October and expected date for release as early as March next year.

So, is this an indefinite break from Windows 10 updates?

No, the tech giant Microsoft does not want Windows 10 users to stop having their systems up-to-date, even because this goes against the company’s new philosophy.

Therefore, this break is limited and can only be used for 35 days. This is a period large enough to solve any problem that arises with an update and that prevents users from using their systems.

Slowly, but decisively, the tech giant Microsoft is improving Windows 10. However, every new update comes with new features based on user requests, which makes Windows 10 the obvious choice for any computer.