iPhones Lifi Technology
iPhones Lifi Technology

InShortViral: The Li-Fi technology will be embedded with an upcoming smartphone from Apple which has a proof and possibility of appearance which had been found from its own iOS code.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n iOS discovered a code that indicates future iPhone will be loaded with Li-Fi technology. It is a wireless technology of new generation which works in real sense by transmitting of data using visible light for speed greatly superior to those of Wi-Fi.

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Thanks to Li-Fi. The next iPhone may be able to connect at speeds up to 100 times faster and effective than Wi-Fi. The hypothesis apparently not only theoretical but also the future generation of Apple phones can take this transmission of technology that is based on the modulation of the light, you can understand the discovery on the part of user from Twitter and from AppleInsider who mentioned the Li-Fi code into iOS platform (below you can see), this is a sign that Apple is really working in Li-Fi technology to get that work completely workable.

Future iPhones May Enabled Li-Fi, a Technology With Transfer Speeds 100x Faster Than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi is a particular connectivity system that can be imagined as a real Wi-Fi with the difference that the data does not pass from radio waves, but for a kind of flash of visible light (the initial “Li” is for “Light”) such as that produced by the light bulbs. It is used to communicate by using switching on and off of LED lights. The modulation speed allows transmitting data with high speeds, up to 100 times faster as compared to WiFi. Among other advantages it also resist the interference, however, the light is not disturbed by electromagnetic waves. This makes a very interesting system-Fi usually this soon will be available in aviation, aircraft modification after several testing.

Li-Fi is not only working in a way of the traditional infrared remote of transmitting and controlling data but eventually it passes the data rapidly by modulating the light source, the light speed we all know that how much effective it is. Before the signal turned into an electronic wave it reassembled into a light sensor and with the help of visual light, it works with high-speed data transfer ability and capability.

However it will be awful to hear that, still Li-Fi is under experimental stage, and several companies are working on this technology that looks promising to enroll it soon and there is an Indian company, Velmenni, which already sells specific products.

Li-Fi in an iPhone that could be used for different purposes. Connect to a transmitter Li-Fi, it will start working as permitting the users to browse the internet, voice calls via Voice Over IP. So we can conclude that Li-Fi will be placed in future Apple iPhone, then it will be really helpful for all types of resources to get in touch to the internet directly with a faster connectivity as Li-Fi. Within two to three years this technology will replace Wi-Fi technology and the world will be lightning up with the new technology Li-Fi.

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