Almost two decades after the first protocol, last week came the latest version of Bluetooth technology Bluetooth 5 and now it seems that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first phone to feature Bluetooth 5.

Galaxy S8 Will Be The First Smartphone To Feature Bluetooth 5

It seemed almost certain that the presentation of the new Galaxy S8 was to take place during the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a golden opportunity for Samsung to showcase its chest in the biggest fair of the phone world. But a few days ago, sources close to the South Korean giant confirmed that Samsung may not present the S8 in the MWC 2017.

Although it appears that it may take longer to arrive, the rumor mill surrounding the next phone of Samsung grows unstoppable. It is not surprising, because, after the disaster of Note 7, the company hopes are pinned on which it is called to be the best phone in its catalog. However, now they come with more rumors that refer to the new Bluetooth 5.

The Galaxy S8 will be the first device to integrate the new Bluetooth 5

Almost two decades after the first protocol, last week came the latest version of Bluetooth technology. This is an important development since this fifth specification is developed to be much more powerful and fast, up to four times faster. It will also be compatible with the new requirements of the devices while making an increase in performance with lower energy consumption.

Galaxy S8 features such as the inclusion of an expected large curved screen that occupies the entire front, which could have a Force Touch technology much like we see in Apple iPhone, able to detect different levels of pressure. It is also rumored that the Samsung will also integrate its own virtual assistant in Galaxy S8, and other interesting points are the optical fingerprint reader, 4K resolution, and twice the GPU power.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) states that the first products with the new Bluetooth 5 will reach that markets in a few months. It all depends on manufacturers to work to make it happen. According to recent rumors, it seems that Samsung will be the first to brought forward to introduce this technology in one of its products. And it seems that it will do with the Galaxy S8, which will be the first smartphone with Bluetooth 5. Of course, this will help the company to show muscle with large device specifications as expected.