A controversial law passed by Germany to deal with abusive comments and the law was passed against Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants. In The new rule affects Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites can be fined of approx 57million dollar.

Germany To Impose Fine Social Media Giants If They Don’t Remove Hate Speech

The German Parliament has announced today that they would fine all the Social media Giants which will be approx $57million dollar for not removing hate speech and comments. The law – Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, gives the Social media giants to tackle this within a time period of 24hours or they would be sued for not obeying the rules.

Germany to Fine Social Media Giants

Under the Network Enforcement Act, which was in the October 2016 it was related to tackling all the hate comments and activities, the social media giants wee told to tackle all these hate and abusive comments but they didn’t comply on that as a result the German parliament is ready to sue the social media giants which would be $57 million. Companies are given a week of time to monitor their activities and change the system and if that wouldn’t be done then the German parliament would sue them.

Social Media Giants On the verge to be Fined by the german’s

In October 2015, Facebook, Twitter, and  Google agreed to remove hate speech posted online but no acts were taken upto date which made the German parliament forcingly to take the law against the social media Giants.

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