Recently, a 14-year-old girl was pronounced as dead just after she got electrocuted in her bathtub at her father’s home which is situated in Lovington after she grabbed her smartphone that was plugged in and charging.

This 14-Year-Old Girl Dies While Charging Smartphone

A 14-year-old girl from Lubbock, named Madison Coe was electrocuted in a bathtub on Sunday as a result of an accident with her cell phone, according to information provided by her relatives to local media.

The minor, a resident of Lubbock, Texas, as we told, was in the tub of her father’s house in Lovington, New Mexico when she reportedly attempted to connect her cell phone to the charger or pick it up from where she was connected. Grandmother and her mother in an interview with the KCBD news portal.

Madison Coe’s grandmother Donna O’Guinn said that “There was a burn mark on her hand, the hand that would have grabbed the phone. And that was just very obvious that that’s what had happened”.

David E. Miranda, a Lovington police detective, confirmed the young woman’s death and said that initial evidence indicates that she was electrocuted but still awaiting the coroner’s determination of the cause of death.

“Lovington police and emergency medical personnel rushed to a Southwest residence after receiving a report from an unconscious young woman who was believed to have been taking a bath, although first aid was given at the scene and during Her transfer to the Nort-Lea hospital, the teenager was pronounced dead shortly afterwards,” a press release said.

Madison finished high school at Terra Vista Middle School in the Frenship School District in Lubbock and her family planned to move to Houston where the teenager was going to high school.

“It is with great regret that the district regrets the loss of student Madison Coe. We send our heartfelt condolences to the young woman’s family and friends while sharing the pain of this tragedy,” said Andy Penney, a Frenship School District spokeswoman.

The victim’s grandmother added that “this is a tragedy that should not happen to anyone else” and that the family wants to raise awareness about the dangers of using cell phones in the bathroom, while connected to an electrical charger.

The young woman’s funeral is scheduled for Friday, July 14 at 2 pm at Lovington’s First United Methodist Church. Moreover, a friend of the family created an account on the Go Fund Me collection page to help pay for the funeral.

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