Google is set to hold a massive event on 4th October 2016, where it will be launching several new products like Chromecast 4k ultra, Pixel smartphones, Smart home speakers, and the Google Andromeda OS.

Apart from all the above-stated products from Google, the Andromeda OS felt too exciting, which is all for which we are also very much curious. What could this new OS hook inside, and what are its features?

We will try to answer all your questions related to Google Andromeda OS. We will also be discussing what the upcoming OS is supposed to offer. Let’s get started.

What is Google Andromeda OS, and what it Offers?

According to the rumors, this is a type of Operating System that Google will launch for computers, laptops, and tablet devices to rival the offerings of Microsoft and Apple, i.e., Windows OS and Mac OS.

This OS could be a hybrid of Android and Chrome OS, both made by Google only. Now it’s all the rumors, so we cannot be sure about what we have stated above, but probably it could be the same.

Feature of Andromeda OS:

  • There could be a great cloud storage integration with this OS, and Google Drive would be given much more importance.
  • The cloud-centric nature of this OS is guessed while comparing it with the Chrome OS, Google also makes that, and the feature was much appreciated by the users.
  • There could be the support of the Universal app system like Windows 10.
  • Some auto-sync features are also r, rumored as in this OS; you could probably work and then continue that same work on your other device with the same OS.

The truth behind the rumor could only be availed after the real action by Google. Still, till now, according to the rumors, we could only guess that Andromeda OS is under manufacture such that it could compete with its rivals strongly.

So, these are our take on Google Andromeda OS. We have discussed all possibilities on what to expect. If you have any doubts about Andromeda OS or want to share your thoughts, discuss them with us in the comments below.