Google Camera Go is a lite version of the Google Pixel phone’s camera app. The tech giant launched the app last year in March. The company regularly added more features and capabilities.

Now, Google has brought a new version of Google Camera Go 2.5 called MOD version by “greatness.” The latest version of the camera app supports multiple Android smartphones and brings new features like Night Mode and Portrait mode.

GCam Go 2.5 MOD Supports Android Phones Running on Version 8 or Above

GCam Go 2.5 MOD

Google Camera Go app now has three versions, the normal Google Camera, the lighter version called Google Camera Go, and the latest MOD version that supports auxiliary cameras.

The company also added Google image processing that is received by the users of Pixel smartphones. Google Camera Go is the lighter version for the premium Pixel phones, and the company keeps adding features to its phones.

However, the latest version of Google Camera Go 2.5 MOD is available for every Android smartphone running on version 8 or above. There’s a possibility that it won’t work with many old or outdated devices.

According to the company, the Camera Go app is built for Android Go smartphones with a simple user interface. It also shows how much storage space is available for photos and videos.

The Google camera app is only available for Pixel smartphones, but you can install it on other devices by downloading the mod apk. All the low-end hardware devices can use the Google camera GO app to take pictures and videos by using the Google camera algorithm.

The app gets updated regularly with new features, so you don’t need to worry about the camera’s performance. Already the app has HDR support that allows the users to take photos with sharp details.


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