As we know, Google Chrome has been criticized for hogging RAM. Now, Google is all set to deliver an update on December 6 that will fix the problem.

Google Chrome Will Finally Eat Less RAM

Do you use Google Chrome? If yes, then you would know how much Google Chrome actually slows down your computer. We all know that Google Chrome has always been criticized for hogging memory on devices.

We’re not normally excited about web browser updates. However, the upcoming update coming to Google Chrome will have a decent impact on your Computer’s performance. According to the sources, Google will roll out a crucial update on December 6.

The update promises to reduce the amount of RAM that Google Chrome uses by up to 50%. That’s really sound amazing! Chromium team had worked actively to improve the browser and now they will roll out an update that will cut the memory usage in half.

Google is all set to release Chrome 55 on December 6 which will have an upgraded JavaScript engine that will significantly reduce the memory usage. Google claimed that the new system has shown 50% less RAM consumption compared to previous versions.

Google had tested the new chrome on some websites like Imgur, Reddit, Twitter, The New York Times and YouTube and all runs perfectly but will be 50 percent less RAM Consumption.

Users will have to wait until December 6 for the updated Google Chrome. However, if you can’t wait, you could try installing Chrome Beta! Chrome beta might include the improvements a few weeks earlier.

If you had already intended to try Google Chrome beta, don’t forget that you will be operating pre-release software and it might have some bugs! Improvements in Chrome beta is still in a testing period.