According to latest reports and what can be seen in the history of the Internet, there have been changes in the code of conduct. Yes, the tech giant Google recently dropped its famous ‘Don’t Be Evil’ motto from its code of conduct.

Google Drops Famous ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Motto From Code Of Conduct

Google’s position towards its users and their data has always been suspicious and revealing of their need to be able to win. The brand made a point of maintaining a motto that contradicted this whole position, leading its employees to follow these rules.

Something has now changed in this philosophy, with the tech giant Google removing from its code of conduct the old and well-known motto “Don’t Be Evil.”

Since 2000, the motto “Don’t be evil” is part of Google’s code of conduct. This phrase has accompanied the company as a guide and a guideline for its employees.

This is an idea that has been supported by the positions of the company in all the services and applications that it has launched. With the integration in Alphabet in 2015, there was a code change, but Google kept the phrase “Don’t be evil”.

Now, according to what can be seen in the history of the Internet, there have been changes in the code of conduct, and the phrase “Don’t be evil” has disappeared.

The latest version, dated May 4, shows the change that existed, with the (almost) complete removal of this reference.

There is only one final sentence, where we can read the presence of “Don’t be evil” and an advice/request to all employees: “And remember … don’t be evil, and if you see something that you think is not right – speak up!”

At a time when there are increasing concerns about user data, Google’s change of position may show that there are big changes happening inside the company.

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