After COVID-19 Crysis, we have seen that all platforms which provide video conferencing facilities getting more and more users day by day. We have witnessed zoom suddenly completed 100M downloads on play store. Still, due to security issues, people are not using Zoom, so now the best alternatives to zoom are Google Meet, Skype, Google Duo are increasing their limits and providing better facilities to all users.

Now Google Duo Calls will be More Clearer on Low Bandwidth Connections

Google Duo Group Call Participant Limit Increased,Good Quality on Low Bandwidth
Google Duo Group Call Participant Limit Increased, Good Quality on Low Bandwidth

Google has decided to beat all companies in all industries now Google is trying to take over on zoom with Google Duo. As we can see, Google is launching a lot of new features in Google Duo’s upcoming update. Here we have listed a few of the forthcoming features on Google Duo.

  • Snapshot Feature
  • Better Quality on Lower Bandwidth
  • More Participants can join

Google Duo is adding weekly 10 Million users. In many countries, the internet is not so good, so Google is launching a new update in that people can make video calls on lower bandwidth or slow internet.

There is a new feature coming out its named duo moments which you have to enable by following few steps check below for details.

To enable Duo Moments go to Settings > Call settings > turn on Google Moments

More updates will be rolled out soon by the company.



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